Sandra Lagnevall


I’m leaving for Mexico in a few weeks and right now focus is on getting everything ready for my stay. I will be staying one semester, first in Mexico City and later at Sisal, a small town outside of Meridia. I will be working on real time, georeferenced measurements of water quality:

Real time, georeferenced measurements of water quality

Using state of the art micro-plasma technology and wireless systems, the ICF-UNAM group is currently developing an array of sensors for water quality measurements. The systems are endowed with geo-referencing and data base systems that will allow the development of a nation-wide network of sensors to assess the quality of water that is delivered to the Mexican population. This project is being carried out in collaboration with the Federal Agency of Water (CONGUA) the institute of Geosciences (georeferencing) and the institute of mathematics (Compressed sensing algorithms). The prospective students interested in this project would be exposed to a wide range of techniques ranging from plasma physics, optical spectroscopy and compressed sensing through to microelectronics and wireless communications.



So far, so good.

9/2 2016


I’ve been here for three weeks now and it is amazing. The people are super nice, even if I don’t speak the language (yet!), the weather is great compared to Sweden and the fruit is delicious. First week was mostly settling down and getting thing in order. But now I’m getting some sort of routine going, which is nice, spending most days at school working on the project and the weekends looking around in Cuernavaca and Mexico City.


Hasta luego!