Javier Tello


My name is Javier Tello, a physics student from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). This year I got the awesome opportunity to come and do a thesis project here in Gothenburg and it couldn’t have been better. The work I’ve been doing revolves around the topic of Optical Levitation (see one of my levitating droplets below). I really enjoy it here, everybody is kind and helpful and always takes the time to listen to my crazy ideas. On top of that, the lab is first class and almost always has whatever you need (finding it can be a challenge though!). My stay here has also given me a great insight into how research can be done and has taught me a lot about the important details of conducting and publishing (hopefully!) your own project.

Gothenburg is really comfortable and easy, there’s a lot of places to go out at night and is a lot smaller and saner than Mexico City! There’s also an attraction park! It’s called Liseberg, it has roller-coasters and shows and becomes a fairytale Christmas town in winter (photos below too!). On top of that, Sweden is a beautiful country. If you get the chance, I would really recommend to go north. I went to Kiruna to see the northern lights and to do dog sledding.

I’ve also made great friends here, both Swedish and from other countries like India, Ukraine, Italy and France, just to name a few. The community here is totally international and speaking good English is more than enough.

In short, I’m really happy to be here and hope you will too!

All the best,


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