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¡La última y nos vamos!


A long time since the last time I wrote here, I have a mixture of feelings about this exchange program, I must say it was something that changed me in the very deep, I faced with a bunch of new experiences through the transition Mexico-Sweden and surprisingly being back in the Swede-Mexico moving. I recall very well the last day I had with Reyna and Ivan when they were coming back. I think is due this charm that Sweden has, I travel a little, may be I did not stay enough in other places to compare but I did not have the same feeling as being in Gothenburg.

I made very good friends, as Iván and Reyna whom I met in Sweden even coming from the same place. My housemates that became my fellas and precious people as Henrik and the guys in the lab. I have nothing more that good thoughts of them.

For the new students, I guess that there is no better advice that experiment yourself, of course is super helpful someone taking care of you but I enjoyed the fear of being in a strange country far away from home, with all these practical issues that you never thought something so simple could be tricky in other place.

In the academic part I improve a lot my skills, learning new ways to execute tasks, I improved so much my english and I got new knowledge besides the background I have from college. After one year of my stay in Gothenburg I feel a deep desire to go back, and study a degree there or in other part abroad, and I think this is the important of the program, doors opening in your mind. Go to Sweden, you definitely will love being there.



Yes, we made Catrinas in Gothenburg


The crew’s hoodie








Cartridge-control process


We have two weeks implementing the system for the droplet dispenser for the optical levitation project, a lot of coffee, hours in the labs and mess as you could see.

Ivan having fun with the cartridge

WP_000793 WP_000795

Pushing science sideways, Iván’s inmortal words Haha

Best, Isra

Thursday of Floorball

Hej, hej

Is for everybody known the life’s level in Sweden, so well, the sports are one of this wonderful things, I was looking for a team to practice sport, and Henrik recommended me to ask if there was a team in the department, and I did it.

The first time I went with Jan-Äke, the mechanics master of the department, (If you planning build something I’m sure you will know him), he told me that the Department pays one sport hour to the employees.

The floorball is a very common swedish game like we “echamos la reta” in Mexico, is like the hockey but the indoor version, and you only need a stick, that’s all!
So, this was my second time and I invoked the Beginner’s luck card and I scored two times today. I left a couple images, if you are in Sweden in almost an obligation to practice floorball.

WP_000350 WP_000351

Cambio y fuera


Linnaeus Palme Dinner


Hej, hej

Ok, I must post more often, I accept that. Well, the last week we had a dinner to talk about the program, the mexican and swedish students, and the professors involved in the program.

It was a very nice opportunity to met better all the people which is part of the program. We talk about the aims of this project and the expectations for the next years, and a brief culture exchange, like the importance in Mexico to ask “Pica o no pica”, hahaha, mexican people will understand.

I left a couple pictures


iPhone Image 7A41D0
Left to right, Dag, Isra, Magnus, Usman, Reyna, Henrik and Larss
iPhone Image 7A4229
At the bottom, Olle and Iván

It was a really nice dinner. The swedish people will be going to Cuernavaca, at the beginning of the next semester. And Iván will be here at the same date, more less.

Cambio y fuera.


Gothenburg, nice to be here.


Hi everyone!

First, let me introduce myself, I’m Isra, a mexican student, working in a project in Gothenburg, specifically at GUNILLA with Dag Hanstorp. I apologize to write this post until now, I have a month living here, but I was adjusting some things, between the housing stuff and creating a plan for my tasks in the lab.

Gothenburg is a wonderful city, beautiful views, and almost all works perfectly, like a clock. But we can leave the tourist thing for the next post, the mean idea of this post is give a couple advices for the next mexican exchange students (before I forget), and to do practical the thing I’ll put in a bullet list of how were the first days since I arrived.

  • Arrange a bank account. Unfortunately the money is one of the most important things. So, we need a swedish bank account to get the scholarship, to me was a little trouble, when you go to a branch office in the center of Gothenburg, they ask you 1k crowns to open your account, and documents like your rental contract, but in otherwise if you go to a small office of the same bank you only need your address and your passport (I know, is crazy) and that’s all, you can arrange your bank account. And I was forgetting the bank’s name: SEB bank.
  •  Arrange your ID’s. That is for get your student ID, in which you can access to the network of Chalmers, that’s important if want to have access to the Wi-fi. Is very easy, I love it, it take me only 15 minutes to do that.
  • Get a transport card. The public transport works with a private company (I guess) and you need the card for the buses and trams interconnected along the city. Is cheap I think, like 400 crowns per month, and you can get one until for a year. The place to get the card is in a 7-eleven or a Presbyran, that is like a Oxxo in Mexico, one each corner.

Well, that’s all for the first post, I hope this information could be useful in a future, and I left you a nice picture, with the 10 tram, which I use to go to the university.


I’ll upload more pictures later.

«Isra (:»


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