Master program at UNAM

The Master of Science (Physics) at UNAM focuses on training in fundamental and applied physics. It is structured through basic courses (Quantum Mechanic, Statistics Mechanic, Analytical Mechanic and Classical Electrodynamics). These courses are complemented with several special courses that serve the interests of student in a range of fields that go from medical physics through to Plasma Physics, including complexity, Non-Linear systems, Electronic and advanced instrumentation, particle physics, statistical mechanics, molecular physics and others. This master has the purpose of strengthening skills in science and technology of researchers and technically oriented people that can address the directs needs of Mexico in terms of sustainability, innovation and creation of wealth trough advanced knowledge.  The masters has the objective of providing the student with a solid foundation and a solid knowledge in contemporary physics, as well as extend transferable skills in  management and application of physics in specific areas of interest.


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