Denisse Cruz

Dear all,

My name is Denisse a physics student from UNAM (National Autonomus University of Mexico) and I was one of the winners of the Linnaeus Palme scholarship for the year 2019-2020 with a duration of 10 months at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The objective of this program is the students to get to know different experimental techniques in the two laboratories the department of atomic and molecular physics has to offer.  Those are the laser spectroscopy of negative ions and the optical levitation laboratories.

I chose to join the negative ion team projects in where I worked with GUNILLA (Göteborg University Negative Ion Laser Laboratory) which is a negative ion accelerator and two different lasers to do photodetachment of negative ion experiments.

This experience has given me  lots of practice in my field, the opportunity to work with experimental scientists, the experience of having a scientifical discussion, and to present my work in front of an audience expert on the subject. Those ones, are an incoparable training that I wouldn’t have obtained in other place.

The knowledge I have acquired thanks to this program, has helped me to know that I want to work in this feel after finished my stay in Gothenburg. Certainly, this is an experience that has changed my life.

On the other hand, once you are in Sweden I recommend you to travel around the country. This one has beutiful landscapes, watefalls, hiking roads, many lakes and an endless forest that you can know by walk or by bike.

Gothenburg is a cold city the most part of the year, and winter is the most difficult part of it because it is already dark at 3-4pm, but make sure you have a good coat and your friends close to you.

One of the bests parts of my experience in Sweden, is the friends I made here, all of them from different parts of the world and willing to help me and to accompany me when I was feeling homesick. Another thing that helped me was joinig the Mexican Associaton of Gothenburg in where we organised events for the Mexican community in the city.

I encourage you to apply to this program evethough you are scared or insecure about the outcome, I am sure you are not to regret it.

If you have more questions you can contact me to the following email address:

I can help if you experience problems with all the process and also I can put you in contact with the Mexican-Swedish alumni association of the Swedish Embassy in Mexico.


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