Facing change

Dear all,

My name is José and i’m one of the lucky students to have a Palme schoolarship. This was my first time abroad so i didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, I was drown in fear at the beggining. You know, far away from comfort that i already knew, meeting new people and getting my way through a new path of research. All this was overwhelming. Sometimes change can be like that. I remember my arrival here at 23:30 and taking the taxi that came for me to take me from the airport to my new flat. I didn’t understood a single word of what the driver was telling me.

However, the next day i settled better and i started to see the people. I was amazed by their ways, their transport and recycle system, and also by their beauty and of course the beauty of the city. The first day in the lab was very nice. The people i met were very kind. Ludi was the first one to show me around and taught me a lot. Little by little my fears became dimmer.  I had a hard time though, with the food. This of course is a triviality compared to what this journey gave to me.

As the time went by, i started to see not only changes in me, but also changes everywhere. The trees were full of different colors, and the days became shorter. Soon, i was facing darkness at 16:00 and then, i saw for the first time snow. It was an amazing view and the feeling of stepping in the white was captivating.

You know, people are moments, and you have to enjoy those moments because, from one day to another, they’re gone. That’s one of the most important things i’d grasp and strengthen within me in Gothenburg. Starting with the guys from the lab: Dag, Jacob, Ludi, Javier, Meena, Paru, Ademir, Luca, Basil, Russlan, Remi. I had a great time with them, with all fikas, physics discussions and indebondy games.

My stay in Gothenburg has had a profound impact in me. It is indeed, an international city and although is my last week in here, i’m still meeting new people. People whom i’m certain i would love to share breakfast, lunch and dinner with.

I feel i’ve grown a lot from the first day i arrived and you know, this feeling, the feeling of overcoming and personal growth is one of the things one cannot let skip. I encourage you to do the same. Go out, travel, see the world, meet and enjoy new people, because the change you will face, will reveal a little bit more of who you are and what do you want to be.



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