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Background: GUNILLA (Gothenburg University Negative Ion Laser LAboratory) is a world leading facility for studies of the interaction between negative ions and laser light. The laboratory consists of an ionaccelerator and two main frame laser systems. The experiments conducted in the laboratory are complex and require competencies in a wide range of technologies.The laboratory is used for studies of fundamental properties of atomic and molecular ions, and for applications in mass spectrometry.

Project description:

We are now in the process of computerizing the whole experimental set-up. We use a 32 channel computer controlled high voltage supply to control all electrodes need to steer and focus the ion beam. The laser used in the experiments are controlled using stepper motors, and the data is recorded by an advance delay line detector. We now want to make an integrated computerized system that control all the experimental setting and at the same time is used for data acquisition. We are also developing a new electron spectrometer that can be used with collinear laser and ion beams.We can offer many different projects that can include work in vacuum technology, optics, electronics, data acquisition, data analysis and simulations.






We are currently building a system where three fundamental physical phenomena, namely the momentum of the photon, the quantization of the charge and the photoelectric effect can be demonstrated with the human eye as the only detector. A single electrically charged oil drop is trapped using laser light (optical levitation). The drop is made to move inside the trap by applying an AC electric field. The movement of the drop can be observed by imaging scattered laser light on a screen.  The number of excess charges on the drop can be reduced by exposing it to an a-emitter.


A prototype for this experiment has already been designed. The goal with the project is to improve the experimental set-up. For example: An improved system for injection of the drops should be developed such that individual drops can be injected into the experimental chamber, instead of the present system where a drop is trapped from an oil mist. An improved system for recording the motion of the oil drop using a video camera should be developed, and an automatic data recording system (Labview) should be designed. The goal of the project is to observe how single electric charges are emitted from the drop until it becomes completely neutralized. In the long run, this experimental set-up will be used both as a demonstration set up and for research on aerosol particles.


Optical levitation by radiation pressure, A. Ashkin, Applied Physics Letters, 19 (1971) 283.

Manipulation of optically levitated particles, O. Isaksson, M.  Karlsteen, M. Rostedt and D. Hanstorp : Proceedings of SPIE  8810 (2013)  88100O.



Join a Sports and Technology project

MMA Photo: Jonas Stenström

Sports and Technology


Sports and Technology at Chalmers is where athletes, coaches, enterprises and governing bodies meet students, researchers and engineers to undertake advanced sports-related research. At Sports and Technology, the focus is on using maths, physics and technology to help find solutions to challenges in a whole range of sports, including athletics, horse sports, sailing, swimming, bowling and racket sports like fronton.



Within Sports and Technology you design your own project in your own sport of interest together with supervisors and athletes. I can include measurements, modeling and development of new methods to understand and improve sport performance.

In addition you can study sport related courses allowing you to enhance and apply you knowledge to the exciting world of sport. One exclusive masters course in Sport & Technology is offered.

From 2015 Chalmers and Gothenburg University is established as a National Sport University.

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