A quick recap of the first week

So now I’ve been here a week, and here’s a quick recap! 

First of all, Moctezumas revenge is real. Getting some drinkable vaccines and being really smart about hygiene should help you minimize the risk! 

This week I’ve gotten a place to stay (thanks to Antonio, head of this exchange program in Mexico). I’ve seen the campus, which is huge, and gotten to meet Prof. Dr. Ruben Avila whom I will be working with. When I wrote huge I meant huge, UNAM has more than 300.000 students and also has its own bus system! 

This week I’ll be starting with my language classes, looking forward to learn!

Here’s a few snaps I took from a tour of the campus with Antonio.

 20140821__01_Mexico-første-uka-44 20140821__01_Mexico-første-uka-41



Over and out for this week! 




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