Gothenburg, nice to be here.

Hi everyone!

First, let me introduce myself, I’m Isra, a mexican student, working in a project in Gothenburg, specifically at GUNILLA with Dag Hanstorp. I apologize to write this post until now, I have a month living here, but I was adjusting some things, between the housing stuff and creating a plan for my tasks in the lab.

Gothenburg is a wonderful city, beautiful views, and almost all works perfectly, like a clock. But we can leave the tourist thing for the next post, the mean idea of this post is give a couple advices for the next mexican exchange students (before I forget), and to do practical the thing I’ll put in a bullet list of how were the first days since I arrived.

  • Arrange a bank account. Unfortunately the money is one of the most important things. So, we need a swedish bank account to get the scholarship, to me was a little trouble, when you go to a branch office in the center of Gothenburg, they ask you 1k crowns to open your account, and documents like your rental contract, but in otherwise if you go to a small office of the same bank you only need your address and your passport (I know, is crazy) and that’s all, you can arrange your bank account. And I was forgetting the bank’s name: SEB bank.
  •  Arrange your ID’s. That is for get your student ID, in which you can access to the network of Chalmers, that’s important if want to have access to the Wi-fi. Is very easy, I love it, it take me only 15 minutes to do that.
  • Get a transport card. The public transport works with a private company (I guess) and you need the card for the buses and trams interconnected along the city. Is cheap I think, like 400 crowns per month, and you can get one until for a year. The place to get the card is in a 7-eleven or a Presbyran, that is like a Oxxo in Mexico, one each corner.

Well, that’s all for the first post, I hope this information could be useful in a future, and I left you a nice picture, with the 10 tram, which I use to go to the university.


I’ll upload more pictures later.

«Isra (:»


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