First month in Mexico


Henrik and I have been here for our first month in beautiful Mexico. We’ve Settled in nicely and we have both found a nice place to live which is only a few minutes walk away from the University.

We just got back from a weekend in Mexico City. It’s an amazing city, very nice contrast to the smaller idyllic places close to cuernavaca we’ve visited so far, like Taxco and Tepoztlan.

2015-03-01 10.32.01
The first thing you see after you get off the metro in Downtown: The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral
2015-02-28 14.04.30
Happy guys in Mexico City

Believe it or not, besides travelling and meeting new people, I’ve also studied! I’ve spent my first month learning how to use the equipment necessary for my experiment and I’ve simultaneously  been learning all the helpful theory I need. I work with a Quantum Cascade Laser and I am currently trying to get a perfectly collimated beam, which is harder than it sounds!

I usually dont take selfies, but what the hell…

My beautiful laser and I
My beautiful laser and I in the lab
2015-02-01 13.46.23
Our sweatiest moment so far, walking up to the top if a mountain in Tepoztlan. There is an old temple on the top and you have this amazing view. Excuse Henriks arm..

Hasta Luego!



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