One year ago!

As we say in Sweden: “Tjena bloggen”!

It’s been more than a year ago since I left Mexico with a heavy heart. I got to meet amazing people, see amazing places and just enjoy the atmosphere in Mexico. I had an amazing time in Mexico, and there’s no doubt that I’m going back!

I am a man of few words, so heres a list to make you understand:


  • Mañana feeling
  • Mezcal and Tequila (try it with the chili-salt-magey worms and orange slices!)
  • Fried bugs
  • Tacos from heaven (I mean, Sweden you don’t know what taco is)
  • Tostadas
  • Huge pyramids
  • Cenotes (like the Swedish jättegryta only nothing like it)
  • Beaches
  • Surf
  • Jungle
  • Urban jungle


  • Köttbulla
  • Fika
  • Really cold water, if that’s your thing.


That right about sums it up! If you’re reading this because you’re thinking about going to Mexico on exchange, seriously, just do it. You’ll not regret it!


Hasta luego amigos




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