Linnaeus Palme Dinner

Hej, hej

Ok, I must post more often, I accept that. Well, the last week we had a dinner to talk about the program, the mexican and swedish students, and the professors involved in the program.

It was a very nice opportunity to met better all the people which is part of the program. We talk about the aims of this project and the expectations for the next years, and a brief culture exchange, like the importance in Mexico to ask “Pica o no pica”, hahaha, mexican people will understand.

I left a couple pictures


iPhone Image 7A41D0
Left to right, Dag, Isra, Magnus, Usman, Reyna, Henrik and Larss
iPhone Image 7A4229
At the bottom, Olle and Iván

It was a really nice dinner. The swedish people will be going to Cuernavaca, at the beginning of the next semester. And Iván will be here at the same date, more less.

Cambio y fuera.




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