Thursday of Floorball

Hej, hej

Is for everybody known the life’s level in Sweden, so well, the sports are one of this wonderful things, I was looking for a team to practice sport, and Henrik recommended me to ask if there was a team in the department, and I did it.

The first time I went with Jan-Äke, the mechanics master of the department, (If you planning build something I’m sure you will know him), he told me that the Department pays one sport hour to the employees.

The floorball is a very common swedish game like we “echamos la reta” in Mexico, is like the hockey but the indoor version, and you only need a stick, that’s all!
So, this was my second time and I invoked the Beginner’s luck card and I scored two times today. I left a couple images, if you are in Sweden in almost an obligation to practice floorball.

WP_000350 WP_000351

Cambio y fuera





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